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Professional utility bill recovery and savings auditors since 1989.
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Utility Billing & Recovery Audit Professionals

Since 1989

Our Process

Our proprietary auditing program and expertise produce gainful results. We work offsite on your behalf with the vendors to audit for billing errors and best methods for savings. We pull all historical and usage data necessary, taking the burden off of you. You can expect to see results within 30 to 60 days of our audit.

Our Compensation

We offer our auditing services free of charge. There is no upfront cost involved in the audit, we only ask to share in the realized savings, refunds/credits that our office produces for you. We only bill based upon the savings that we find and you are not invoiced until savings are realized. If we don't find savings, you pay nothing. Bottom line is we don't get paid until we save your money.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop a long lasting relationship and partnership with our clients that includes quality communication, reliable and credible information and mutually profitable results paving the way for the future. We believe by woking together as partners, the end results will be outstanding.

Proven Record

Utility Audit, Inc., has a proven record to show our clients their realized savings and refunds backed by a database of information, including copies of tariffs, regulatory items and thousands of audit results, which gives Utility Audit, Inc., the leading edge in the industry. We provide verification in writing from the vendors of all refunds, credits, and savings that are implemented throughout the audit process.

Peace of Mind

Our audit process is pain free for you and your company. With over 26 years of service in the business, you know that Utility Audit, Inc. has your best interest at heart and is working for you to measure and recommend new business procedures to reduce utility costs, as well as implement more favorable rates with vendors. This provides you peace of mind in knowing your utility accounts are in good order.

Our Success

Since Utility Audit, Inc. was founded in 1989, we have been able to provide our auditing services nationwide to over 325,000 clients savings them over $30M in realized savings, refunds & credits. Our clientele include commercial, government, school districts, municipalities, cities, institutions, franchises, corporate, industrial, distribution, manufacturing, non-profit organizations, hotels, and healthcare organizations.

Our Savings & Success Rate

Success in refunds, credits & savings!


Average Monthly Savings

Our clients on average save up to 40% on their monthly utility spend.


Client Success Rate

We have an outstanding client success rate of 90%.


Peace of Mind

Get 100% peace of mind knowing that your utility bills are in order, and that your organization is saving the maximum.

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